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everett 01-01-05 11:47 PM

A little about yourself.
Hi, I'm starting this thread to know more about the people on this forum.
Here's a little about me.
I can bunnyhop 20"
Manual 75m
Never grind (I will learn one day)
Do some basic flatland stuff.
Never saw a bike park in real (that's because there aren't any on my island)
I live in Trinidad (BMX is not considered a sport here)
I'm building my own halfpipe and dirt jumps.
I ride a 2003 Mirra Pro.
Can you tell me some basic stuff about yourself.

JMC 01-02-05 01:35 AM

I can bunny about 1 foot
manual 1m
double peg grind, feeble grind
basic flatland
ride a 2004 mongoose expert
i live in south Africa

bxbmx 01-02-05 01:54 AM

i live in the bronx, ride a DB joker, can bunny hop 1/2 a feet, can j-hop 1.5 ft. Can do some scuffing, feeble, flatland tailwhip (occasionally). I can Ski very well. Im sucky at skateboarding (can ollie). blagh blah blah

bmxrdr88 01-03-05 08:43 PM

i live in oregon. im 16 years old. i ride a fbm pw moto, fbm *****in' camaro, and a T1 joe rich kit. i can bunny hop or what ever you want to call it a good 2.5-3 ft. i ride everything except vert and flatland. i can flat ground tailwhip like Edwin. and can downside whip anything. i cant do anything else but ride my bike either. trying paintball, but i keep getting shot.

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