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MBM 01-09-05 11:40 AM

Gravity Games FS360 Freestyle bike
Any body out there ever heard of a Gravity Games FS 360? I just picked one up-cheap. Bikes like brand new.Steel high strength frame. Black large hubs 48 spoke front and rear. Everything on this bike says "gravity GAmes or has the small red symbol (circle with an arrow down). Pedals grips and frame are embossed with the Gravity Games word and symbols. Best I can tell this could be a 2002 Gravity Games Promo?

Thanks for the help.

bxbmx 01-09-05 12:28 PM

doesnt sound that good. Hi ten steel is cheaper than chromo. I dunno what the parts are made by, probably one company

BMXTRIX 01-09-05 01:03 PM

The first rule of buying anything - do one iota of research.

In almost all situations anything that actually says X-Games, Gravity Games, or eXtreme is almost guaranteed to be of the lowest grade quality.

High quality bikes may look very similar to garbage bikes, but serious bikes are 4130 (or sometimes high grade aluminum) they are designed and ridden by pros and they come from reputable manufacturers.

Enjoy your purchase and I hope you got a great price on it. But, it is still a Wal-Mart bike.

MBM 01-09-05 03:00 PM

Thanks for the info. Bike cost me $30 and will go to a grandchild or other needy child. Yes Chomo or alluminum is definitley higher quality and not as heavy as this bike. Im a long time roady but my kids and grandkids are into it.

Thanks again.

JMC 01-11-05 04:34 PM

cool. i'd say its a cool beginner bike. not for the X-perienced.

jeff williams 01-11-05 04:49 PM

Check on it occasionally for parts wearing\ breaking (they will).

Probably store inside, cheap bikes seem to rust faster.

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