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cwr4321 06-29-12 10:27 PM

BMX bike for riding around and such?
Hi guys. I am new to the forum and I already have a question! I kind of want to get some kind of 20" bike because the most recent bike I bought ( a schwinn MTB) is getting old. I just want a change of bike and I was looking into BMX bikes. Now I am not looking to race or do any kind of jumps and stuff. I just want to have a bike to take me around to like my friends house or to the gas station by my house (not far). I also would like to be able to have a bike I can wheelie. Is this practical? Also I noticed they make BMX bikes in like 24". Would that be okay or do I want a 20"? I know my whole post if kind of confusing but please try your best to answer my questions as best as you can. Thanks

Street rider 06-30-12 12:49 AM

If you want practical, I suggest something ssfg (singlespeed/fixed gear) or a road bike. Singlespeeds will be simpler overall. Just riding around isn't really that practical on a BMX bike because of the way that your body is generally positioned, and having smaller wheels makes it a less-efficient ride.

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