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photo9 07-23-12 06:54 PM

Been Sitting for 10 Years
Just pulled out my barely used BMX bike from my middle school days(12 years ago, we bought it new). I really don't know much about it other than it is a flatland freestyle it says pro performer on the top tube bike made by GT. It is all chrome and this sucker is heavy (built really well it seems). Honestly, I am trying to figure out how rare something like this is and to see how much I can sell it for. I am more of a road/mtb kinda guy. Any information will be appreciated. It had some tiny surface rust spots but they all came off very nicely with an SOS pad and some water. Bike looks great now.

mattblast 07-27-12 06:36 PM

Goto post your pic there and youll get all sorts of info.

If it's a collector bike then you'd do well not to use steel wool on it and to treat the original stickers with great care. There are some approved safe chrome and paint cleaning techniques you should check out before you hurt anything.

If you're gonna ride it look closely at the rubber and regrease everything. I'll bet there's ni grease left in your hubs or bottom bracket. If you ride em dry you're gonna wreck it!

Good luck bro.

bob440 07-24-13 12:32 PM

every day they sell GT Dyno bmx bike, I should know, I had one before, I Know a guy that was looking for one long time ago, He came up to me and offered me $250.00 for mine and I sold it to him. Then now I got back into it I got three old bmx bike, one date back in the 1970's, one date back into the 1980' and One date's back into the 90's, I know they are worth lot of money to sell and or to collect ok.

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