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shiberoth 10-15-12 11:54 AM

Convert MTB to BMX with full suspension
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I have for awhile been thinking that taking a little 20'' MTB like this:

..and converting it to a singlespeed with a bmx set up and such would be pretty cool. I have seen some MTB to BMX conversions online but never any with a suspension. Any thoughts to be considered before trying this?

Street rider 10-16-12 06:35 AM

If it has suspension, it can't really be called BMX. And besides, that frame would be way too small for any adult. Also, I'm pretty sure that frame would snap under any real pressure/hard landings.

LarDasse74 10-16-12 06:38 PM

Yeah, 20" full suspension bikes are not made for hard riding... they are kids bikes and, pretty much without exception, should be considered 'toys.'

There were some full-susp. BMX bikes avaialble years ago.

fuzzbox 10-17-12 12:52 AM

Why would you get a mountain and convert it to a bmx without suspension? A single speed mountain bike is whatever but putting 20" wheels on it sounds like a clown bike. What is your goal for this?

shiberoth 10-23-12 11:06 AM

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Something like this:

shiberoth 10-23-12 11:08 AM

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Another one:

Frankly I am not into trick riding, I just like the feel of cruising on BMX. Also, I like the look of MTBs.

LarDasse74 10-23-12 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by shiberoth (Post 14871610)

That is the ugliest bike I have ever seen.

Street rider 10-24-12 08:34 AM

Looks like you want a folder. Go buy one of those. Converting a crappy mountain bike by throwing on a few BMX parts doesn't make it any better of a bike, and it also makes it look like kind of a stupid bike.

fietsbob 10-24-12 02:07 PM

BMX, races, are entirely out of the saddle sprints.. [didn't you see the Olympic BMX?]

the suspension is the rider's legs..

1st post is a department/ big box store BSO , bicycle shaped object,

not worth a bother.. the whole suspension bushing set is just marginal and un repairable

You show the bike you want , Buy one, then..
this is a 'Sows ear' you cannot turn into a 'Silk Purse'.

I own a bike friday it has 406 wheels , other than that, nothing in common with the OP's BSO..

it has, and i need, no suspension.

cmc4130 05-20-13 10:56 AM

It's obviously not 20" wheels.... but the Blackmarket Killswitch is a full-suspension mtb designed to be single speed and designed for BMX-style riding, aka mtb-DJ / Slopestyle.

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