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Cjval 06-05-13 02:14 PM

Yah, i know some online bmx stores, but the one am much sure of is danscomp, but the problem is the money exchange rate, $200 is about N32000(naira) in my country, i dont have such amount of money, and thats really too big for me to afford now, i know i told you that money was'nt the problem, but i lied because i was too anxious about the whole bmx thing, am sorry...

Chris Chicago 06-05-13 09:04 PM

Nigerian phishing for bmx help, I like it.

NOSGod 09-05-13 10:06 PM

just go buy a $275 fit off of ebay and start ridding,you'll be happy once U did :thumb:

Cjval 01-22-14 12:02 AM

guys I finally got my own bmx bike, am so happy...

MATPatterson 02-23-14 11:50 PM

Buy a Standard 24" or S&M 24". Both American made and have models for jumping and street riding. Great deals for your money!

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