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henry12565 12-16-12 04:22 PM

Where can I buy a 1997 green GT Interceptor thats in really good condition
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I had one that was in almost perfect condition, I would rarely ever ride it, but it unfortunately was stolen so now I'm wondering where I can buy one, it looks exactly like the one in the picture and it had a MADE IN USA sticker, so I want the original, no fakes.

IthaDan 12-17-12 09:34 AM

You're asking where to buy a 15 year old bike? ebay, craigslist, BMX forums or calling and hassling shops one at a time are really your only hopes.

For the money you'll spend for a specific bike that old in good condition you could have bought a much better and newer bike.

FWIW, there aren't a lot of counterfeit copies of midrange bmx bikes, so you won't have to worry about that at least.

Street rider 12-17-12 11:32 AM

Originally Posted by IthaDan (Post 15058954)
ebay, craigslist are really your only hopes.

Nail on the head. OP, thats going to be one hell of a tough find. I can understand if its got sentimental value, but man, if not, there are much better and cheaper bikes to be had. Just like Dan said.

Cache 12-21-12 12:17 AM

Thieves suck. There's a very active buy and sell group at the bmx museum, that's where'd I'd start looking. You may have to buy a frame and the parts separately and put it back together the way you want it. Here's a bunch of 96 - 99 GT Interceptors:

r0ckh0und 12-22-12 08:52 PM

You might also try BMX shows and swap meets. Not sure where your at, but there are several shows in the Northern Illinois, NW Indiana areas annually. Start looking for show dates in your area as winter time is "show time".

mtwagner 03-26-13 08:10 PM

If you're still looking, I've got a '97 Interceptor in matte green that you can have for 125. It's all original, except for the tires. I'm in the Houston area.

Dadof3 04-01-13 07:15 PM

mtwagner, My name is Will I am very intrested in the green interceptor u have, my brother had one of these when we were kids and I am trying to locate one for him as a gift, Could u please call me or email me

Merckx fan 0511 04-09-13 05:19 PM

you can find one online. Maybe not right away, but one will pop up. Older gt bmx bikes are starting to really go up in price and demand. They go pretty quick. I sure miss my 1990 gt mach one

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