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mude 02-02-05 07:59 PM

thinking about a new bike
I currently ride a PovertyBuck99 and thinking bout either getting a Poverty G-ride or a completely dif. brand. Anyone know any good test/review websites that review COMPLETE BIKES. (besides or anyone have opinions on Poverty or any other not to expensive bikes?

queensrider86 02-02-05 08:02 PM

theres a nice mosh on danscomp

Proline86 02-02-05 08:55 PM

just got a redline today , its a proline pro and its really good, most redlines are mostly light but sometimes more expensive, ever thought of a haro?

mude 02-02-05 09:06 PM

i dont really like haros because,this may not be true, but in my experiences with haros they tend to be on the heavier side

queensrider86 02-02-05 09:08 PM

dont buy a haro.if you buy one, then you are downgrading.

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