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hybridbkrdr 01-06-13 03:07 PM

26 and 29er BMX bikes
Anyone try these? What do you think? To me, it's like a single speed bike with the flexibility to explore the trails if you want.

Street rider 01-06-13 03:41 PM

Not quite as sturdy as a ss MTB with the same size wheels. They look like fun for cruising around the neighborhood/park, but I wouldn't want to take them off road too much. Ever seen pictures of the PK Ripper fixed, and what happens when they get used a little too roughly? Pretty scary lookin stuff.

Greyryder 01-07-13 01:24 AM

BMX cruisers used to have 26" wheels, before they found that 24" worked better for racing. I don't really have any interest in 29ers, but I have seen some of those pictures of broken fixie Rippers. That alone leaves me suspect of the "Big Ripper."

CharleyGnarly 01-10-13 04:50 PM

I had an OM Flyer a few years ago, but it was the aluminum version and it did just fine jumping, trail riding and cruising the bike path. The one you posted is cro-mo and would probably be even better.
As someone who raced when the original OM was developed, I can tell you with certainty that the OM would hold up to most punishment that people can dish out. I have seen some crazy stuff done on the originals, and with advances in technology/materials, the new ones will probably hold up even better.

fietsbob 01-10-13 05:11 PM

Ibis Of California many years ago made a MTB with a rear 24" and a front 26",
for the strength benefit of the smaller wheel
and the ability to get the chain stays shorter. for climbing traction.

Mountain-Trials ..

fuzzbox 01-10-13 10:44 PM

I rather go with a 29er mtb than a bmx that size. I have a 26er mtb and tried the 29er. It is definitely a noticeable difference. They just introduced 27.5 I believe which is also interesting. In my opinion I don't think I would want anything above 24 of the bmx realm. It isn't common so why not get a dirt jump style mtb?

fietsbob 01-12-13 01:46 AM

AFAIK BMX means the saddle is too low to ride in anything but a standing Sprint..
because you traverse rough ground and jumps and the races, motos, are short..

See; the Last Olympic BMX elimination heats in London.

Observed Trials bikes have no seat at all.

Proline69 02-20-13 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by hybridbkrdr (Post 15126321)
Anyone try these? What do you think? To me, it's like a single speed bike with the flexibility to explore the trails if you want.

I actually have both and love them -

cmc4130 05-20-13 11:00 AM

check out

the 2011 Volume Sledgehammer 26" BMX is worth a look too....

My friend Buddy at our trails on his old Sledgehammer:

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