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madbiker555 02-04-05 11:39 PM

I thought that the bmx people would probably have more info on this, but it is also a dirtjump/mountain biking thing to. How do you swing the back of the bike out to do a tailwhip?

matt the hat 02-05-05 07:20 AM

only way iv managed to do it is start the frame moving by giving it a push with your leg as you come off of it then keep the motion going with your arms, as it comes back round lift the first the leg the frame will get to out of the way and catch it with the other one. thats how i managed it although it took ages and ages to work out how to catch it and get back on.hope thas some help.

bxbmx 02-05-05 10:24 AM

do it on flat land first. then do it with more air?

sxe fbm rider 02-05-05 05:14 PM

I can't say I'de suggest that. It's not the same thing. And I believe he's trying to do it on a mountain bike, can't imagine that.

madbiker555 02-05-05 06:39 PM

Thanks for the help, by the way I forgot to mention that I was planning on doing this in the air not on the street. And Iam trying to this on a mountain bike but its sort of hard to explain how I would be doing this, its more of a modified tailwhip.

sxe fbm rider 02-05-05 10:01 PM

yea, dont bother with the ground stuff... One thing, this may seem silly, it was mentioned here allready, sorry for not giving you your credit but I've done it too.. you can lay down on your back on the floor and pretend like your riding your bike, with it above you and try doing it like that, just to see that it would be possible and get an idea of how you can do it, so you dont have to just jump 10 feet in the air and then decide how to do it.. just an option.

madbiker555 02-05-05 10:16 PM

That acutally does sound like a good idea insead of riding 5 km to the nearest jumps. I'll try doing that.

bxbmx 02-06-05 04:22 PM

hey thats a pretty good idea. lying on ur back eh??

BMXTRIX 02-06-05 09:29 PM

That, or find a trampoline. Trampolines + bikes are a great way to get comfortable on your bike and the motions you need to go through to get the bike to do what you want and actually aim for pedals before you actually land without much real chance to hurt yourself.

Not sure how you would do a whip on a mt. bike if there are gears that are bar mounted + rear brakes without some crazy gyro setup.

matt the hat 02-07-05 01:12 PM

tailwips are meger shady on your back. kicker and a lake or buch of matresses and a jump box work well.

oddtodd 02-27-05 12:30 AM

First trick I ever learned , front brakes help tons ! .

I coast on the left pedal with my right foot on the left side dangling just above the tire and a bit under the down tube . come to almost a complete stop and stuff your right foot into the space between the tire and the back of the forks (on top of the tire) at the same time you clamp the front brakes . As the rear end lifts off the ground , push sideways(right) with your left foot(still on the pedal) as you transfer your weight to the front wheel . A little push-pull on the bars will speed up or slow down the front end as is starts to circle the head tube.

The main thing is to stop going foreward as that will lift the rear wheel up to high to make a revolution .

a little push pull and shimmy experimenting on the bars is needed to find the balance point / spin point , but when you finaly see the back end coming around you can stop it with your now free left foot and climb back on as you see fit .

I learned this trick before front brakes were invented and if you went to far over the front end , your foot would slide and roll down the back of the front wheel , just clamp the brakes nowadays !

CMcMahon 02-27-05 04:15 PM

He's talking about doing them in the air, not as a flatland trick.

oddtodd 02-27-05 06:12 PM

Oh , my bad . Would have to say to grow the cajones a couple sizes larger and just go for it then !

poonster18 02-28-05 12:54 AM

I think that trying to tailwhip on a mountain bike is extremely hard..but I have seen people try that. Give it a try and good luck.
Try that. Hope it helps.

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