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pack 02-10-05 06:11 AM

The Strongest Rim
I tend to be quite harsh on my rims, and want to know if any one else is harsh on their rims and what rims you reckon hold up to abuse? (other than alex supra E)

In a rating from strongest to weakest would you rate these rims (assuming they have the same amount of spokes)

sun big city
sun BFR
sun 4play
sun black label
sun rhyno lite
araya super 7x
araya RB-J1
primo Hula hoop
alex supra E
alex supra E light
alex supra J
odyssey hazard light/duralectra (same rim)
odyssey 7K-A
odyssey midway

CMcMahon 02-10-05 11:43 AM

I'd recommend a Primo Hula Hoop or an Odyssey Midway if you're harsh on your wheels. The Odyssey 7KA is pretty much only for front wheel use, unless you're a racer, and the Odyssey Hazard Light/Duralectra and the Araya Super 7X are pretty much the top of the line rims to have if you're looking for something that's pretty durable, but not too heavy.

bmexican 02-10-05 01:55 PM

the rynolites i no are pretty much a racing rim. they're very light but they would bend quickly after some hard landings. so u dont want them unless ur racing. the bfrs are pretty light, and they're not a racing rim, but they don't look strong at all compared to some of the odyssey's.

bmxrdr88 02-10-05 03:16 PM

hulas, and 7x's. thats the way to go.

easternbikes 02-10-05 04:59 PM

go midway or big city

pack 02-14-05 02:29 AM

i heard the chrome on the hula hoops is pretty crap, whats the chrome on the midways like?
a lot of people say the araya rb-j1 is better than hula hoops and big citys

bloodwolf_6 02-21-09 02:55 AM

the sun black label is the strongest rim i have ever run in the back and its the only one i havent bent but i have dented it to ****

MY26INCHCRUISER 02-21-09 08:44 AM

I have taco'd tons of rims ,But my Gsports are still straight and take all I can throw at them.

minichamp31 02-21-09 05:49 PM

I don't know if you guys noticed, but THIS THREAD IS 4 YEARS OLD.

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