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joltman900 03-02-13 01:45 AM

What color go with my pink bmx bike frame
IM new i have two question first question is what color bmx bike part go good with pink bmx bike frame i was thinking for doing like cotton candy types blue handlebars and forks pedal stem, white chain grips cranks etc. Or grey handlebars forks, purple or blue grips chain crank pedal stem etc. Which one do u guys would look good pink and blue or pink and grey. second question is what is cheaper your local bmx bike shop or online bmx bike shop like dancomps etc.

Street rider 03-02-13 09:26 AM

First, choose your own colors. Honestly, if people on the internet choose for you, you'll end up hating them at some point, and that gets expensive when you end up replacing parts without any real reason. Second, online shopping is almost always cheaper than going in to a shop for something, but by buying locally, you are able to build a positive relationship with your shop, which can really come in handy. Like if you needed help installing a part sometime in the future, they may not charge you for it, or they might charge you a discounted rate. Of course this does depend on your shop and the people that work there.

And third, use some punctuation. Seriously. Do you have any idea how hard your entire post was to read? Murdered my mind.

Lew. 03-02-13 09:41 AM

I agree with the above, about pretty much everything. I have a bit of an OCD issue regarding how the bikes are in appearance. Most of them are red and black, but my BMX is matt pink framed, with matt black components, but go for whatever you prefer. My LBS usually throws a scarily large discount when I go in for stuff (half price tyres for my MTB), not only do they give discounts to common faces, they will probably be more lenient to help when you need it, free of charge. The only thing I buy online (bike-wise) is stuff my LBS can't get ordered in.

rebel1916 03-02-13 10:28 AM

Baby blue. 80s GT performers were baby blue and pink, and they were the dogs balls lookswise.

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