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bmichaelx 02-20-05 05:57 PM

Street 360s
I learned 3s at this park at the end of last year and I had them down pretty good. I was riding street and saw this 3 foot ledge and I started doing 180s, x-ups, and tabletops of it. But then when I tried(for the first time) to 3 it I ended up getting almost full rotation but my front tire was a lot higher than my rear and I some how ended up tiped way to the side so I slid out. Do you have any suggestions on how to keep from tipping to the side when I try to spin 360 of a ledge?

sxe fbm rider 02-20-05 08:42 PM

dont lean to the side?

bmichaelx 02-20-05 10:52 PM

I don't try and lean to the side, but when I lift upto the side it just ends up that way. Maybe I should try it off something taller so I don't have to lift up and turn as fast.

sxe fbm rider 02-21-05 02:07 AM

i was kidding. Um, try putting more power into it. Like seriously just lift up and whip your ass around. Put all your power into it. go for it, hope it turns out well for you.

pack 02-21-05 03:17 AM

try this
instead of looking over your sholder when you spin try spinning toward your rear axel
also go faster and spin harder

bmichaelx 02-21-05 10:34 AM

Well, here in Rosemount MN last night we just got about 4.5" of snow. So when it's all melted i'll go give it another go. Thanks for your ideas.

wethepeople4lif 02-21-05 01:53 PM

thats nothing dude we go like 3.5' of snow

bmichaelx 02-21-05 08:22 PM

Originally Posted by wethepeople4lif
thats nothing dude we go like 3.5' of snow

That sucks, but no matter how many feet of snow you get you can allways go ride on mainstreet(or any driveway you shovel :D ). 1-2 days after it snows you can allways go ride there.

poonster18 02-28-05 09:55 PM

Haha, the highest we got here in Vancouver was around 2 feet. That was along time ago though....this year it snowed like 30 cm.

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