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ilikebikes 06-24-13 01:53 PM

Fresh find, vintage RedLine
**SOLD!**Yeah I just found this RedLine RL-20A STYLER at the local flea market, kinda rough, but will have her lookin' fine as wine soon enough. ;) Its got me a little wacky as all I seem to find are the RL-20 and the RL-20 II?

ilikebikes 06-26-13 09:18 AM

BUMP, before it goes off into BMX oblivion.

ilikebikes 06-26-13 06:25 PM

Once again Id like to thank all the members of the BMX thread for all the help. You guys are great! :thumb:

mihlbach 06-28-13 04:12 AM

1987 RL 20a? Very cool. My dirst good bmx was a rd 86 RL 20. I still have it, although the paint is stripped off and it has a few hairline cracks.

lgp927 07-01-13 12:23 PM

Oh wow !! nice find man I had the turquoise one. oh the good ole days!!!

ilikebikes 07-01-13 02:18 PM

Yeah man. Im working on a trade that I couldn't pass by, hopefully itll work out, if not Im posting it here as I need to get a few projects done that were in line before the Redline. I want to keep it but need to knock the other two out before I can get another. :o

ilikebikes 07-09-13 02:10 PM

OK gents even though the BMX forums has no trade thread the Redline is officially up for trade!

ilikebikes 08-13-13 03:10 PM

**SOLD!**Anyone near Philly want to trade a MTB wheel set for my Redline? I'm in need of a DECENT (no toy store wheels) MTB wheel set, must be tip top, no rust, no bends or flat spots, in other words must be straight as an arrow and ready to ride WITH a set of street tires either already mounted or loose. I'm offering the Free Agent or the Redline in trade if anyone's interested. Please let me know ASAP.

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