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ka0use 07-07-13 07:23 PM

what about the ride?
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well, s'posedly bmx riders are gnarly and do wild, crazy stuff.
i'm not seeing any pics of rides.

is this survivable?

i have what i'll call a 'mountain lite' bike. a bianchi lynx. the fork has an elastomer insert only on one side.

is the bike too big for this? i gotta check the width across the landings. might be too close together.

not much room to maneuver at the bottom. the sidewalk is maybe 6', the dropoff ~3" and the asphalt ~20' to the back of the movie house.

these bad boys are steep. no allowance for ada regs here. (americans with disabilities act)

Greyryder 07-08-13 12:52 AM

I believe this what the mountain bikers call "urban assault."

Keep your weight back, and don't lock the brakes. Good luck!

ilikebikes 07-08-13 08:33 AM

I'm saying don't do it, if you do the bike may survive it, but that bike will fail you sometime in the near future, no doubt. BTW if your in any way dissin' Americans with disabilities I'll have to change my mind and say go for it! "assault" those stairs! Do it head on with no fears or doubts in your mind! and be sure to grab huge air right of the top! :thumb:

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