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vopos 07-09-13 12:17 PM

Which One?
I found two BMX bikes that I to be honest think are great for their price, but I don't know which one to choose from so I am relying on you guys. :P Thanks in advance



vopos 07-09-13 01:39 PM

I'm sorry to sound impatient, I know that it might take some time for someone to respond, but can someone respond soon because the BMX on gumtree could be sold soon.

ilikebikes 07-09-13 02:02 PM

I say the one on gumtree, only because it has a lot of sweet parts on it. The other looks sexy as hell though! and I've been known to buy a bike just for its sexy-ness. :D

vopos 07-10-13 12:19 PM

Haha lol thx

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