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KinetikBiker 03-02-05 08:47 AM

360 Tips....(help me)
Im a dirt and sometimes a park rider from nothern VA ....i was wondering does anone have any tips on how to do 360's???? cause i can only get like 100 degress then fall really hard..... i heard that your sopossed to turn your head the way your spinning but its not working.... help me!

pack 03-02-05 02:38 PM

if you are left foot foward make sure you spin to your right, or if your right foot foward, spin left.
just throw your body weight into to the spin and look over your shoulder. practice! do it at the park as a flyout and just keep hucking yourself.

bmichaelx 03-02-05 03:05 PM

I suggest trying it on a big wide table top, so that you don't feel as nervus. And keep trying, thats about all.

easternbikes 03-02-05 05:51 PM

what i did before doing 360s was get flat ground 180s pretty easy and smooth and than brought it to a decent sized table top so i didnt have to worry about clearing the jump. I started trying to spin at the beginning of last summer(04) and now i can flat ground 360 almost everytime and i can almost flat ground 540 on my race bike because its a lot lighter. turn your whole upper body and twist when you spin not just your head and keep trying

KinetikBiker 03-03-05 08:29 AM

are there any good jumps to try these on......cause at my local skatepark they have a pyramid and a quarter pipe and also a box with out a launch.... is it easier to do it off something with a lip or just a flat ramp.......

Ninshadow 03-07-05 01:08 PM

I learned out of the quarter. This is a good way to learn the feel of tricks before taking them to dirt or even box jumps. Work on landing on your back tire and spinning around the remaining 90 degrees or so. Keep your head turned to your shoulder and start to throw your weight about halfway up the quarter. A 4 foot quarter is best. You have to spin quite fast so make sure you can do 180's without a problem.

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