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rdblatch 08-25-13 10:37 AM

Redline Micro 18 inch Wheels / Tires
I know it's been asked before in other forums, but are there any other options besides the Primos for the 18 inch wheels on the Redline micros? My son is still a little small for the bike, but it's nice and lightweight. I just need something that's a little wider that to allow him to ride around town and on fine gravel, and the Primos are just too slick for that purpose.

If there's nothing else in 18 inch (either rim or tire), is it possible to put a 16 inch wheel on that frame? With either a coaster brake or some sort of brake extension so it would reach a 16 inch rim?


tattooed_biker 09-10-13 06:24 PM

Check Dans Comp. I just looked and it looks like they have some tyres in 18". But make sure you check your rim size to see how big of a tyre you can go. I believe the Redline Micros are setup for race applications.

Good luck

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