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ontwowheels 09-24-13 02:59 PM

New to bmx. Bike for a tall guy?
Hi all,
Joined up because I'm interested in getting a bmx bike. I've never owned a bmx bike, and I don't know much about them. I am 6'3" about 190. Like I said before I don't know much. I've looked at the 2014 kink gap xl with a 21" top tube and a few others, but not sure which to go with. I would rather stay close to the $300 range, but will pay more to get the right bike. As far as the type of riding, it will be street and somewhat of a cruise bike. I am not going to race, just looking for a bike to get here and there and just have fun on. On another note, I don't know if it will help on learning on a bmx any but I ride my KX 250 (dirtbike) 2-3 times every other week. Thanks for any help.

fietsbob 09-26-13 10:34 AM

You never sit on a bmx bike, the saddle is way down to not hit you as you do the jumps

the wheel size is the primary choice .
above a 24" wheel you are more in the niche of a single speed MTB.

got a bike shop around you? drop by.

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