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heners54 09-27-13 01:02 PM

Scrap or worth fixing?
Hi all,

Basically I've picked up a standard 20" BMX that was put out as scrap to see whether I could fix it on the cheap; I've always wanted one but all my cash goes into the MTB and commuter, so can't justify buying a new one.

It's a diamondback, the frame has some surface rust and is missing most the paint but I can do a fair job at stripping and respraying it myself. The headset seems loose so will guess that it needs a full replacement; Might attempt this but haven't before. Also the front wheel is buckled, so would be getting new wheels and tyres. Oh and the chain is rusty so will get one of them.

Coupled with other little bits like grips, pegs and pedals, is it worth doing the work to it? Looking at the parts it could easily cost as much as a basic new BMX, but I could end up with something better quality than that if the parts are sourced carefully? Might end up selling it on after a while to recoup some money if I dont use it enough, so I don't know if a 'custom built' bike would fetch more or less than a factory one with similar spec parts.

Will maybe post a pic of the base BMX later, but just wanted people's thoughts.

ETA: the benefit cost wise is I can slowly build it over time rather than paying full cost in one go, but if its not worth the hassle then so be it!

mihlbach 09-28-13 06:33 AM

What are you more interested in, riding or restoring? If you primarily want to ride, you are going to be much more satisfied with a new bike or a newish used bike. Because technology trickles down, a cheap modern BMX bikes is going to function better than an old BMX bike, and is probably going to cost you the same or less than a restoration.
On the other hand, if you are more into the idea of restoration, first look into what model of frame you have to make sure its worth dumping more resources into.

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