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Trials23 10-11-13 07:49 AM

Crank arm covers?
Got my Inspired Element 26 the other day, I know it's not a BMX but I thought maybe some of the BMX riders out there might have an answer to this. Not usually fussy about scratches on bikes I have because its just wear and tear but the crank arms are getting scratched a lot and on a bike looking this nice I don't really want scratches on the cranks standing out and kind of spoiling the look, I know all bikes get scratched but does anybody have any suggestions on covers or guards I can get for the cranks? Or if anybody has any tips on covering them up I would be grateful if you could tell me how.

Cheers, Luke

Juha 10-11-13 08:05 AM

There is another active thread on this in Bike Mechanics:

Please continue discussion there. This thread is now closed.

--Juha, a Forum Mod

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