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travisjoe80 10-19-13 11:55 PM

NEED HELP can anyone tell me what this frame is
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I found this frame in a old shed and was wondering if anyone knew what kind it is? under 50 layers of pait orginal looked to bea baby blue. I found theseril number it started with A87

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lord_athlon 11-06-13 04:16 PM

Skyway maybe. Otherwise Royce Union.

zukahn1 11-07-13 08:59 PM

No real clue but looks to be very old for a BMX the loop tail and odd construction would indicate a lesser builder from the late 70's early 80's most likely California. There where literaly 100+ lesser US frame builders thoughout the BMX boom that built frames finding info is nearly impossible. Yet this one has enough uniqeu it may still be ID by some one.

hockeyref 03-26-14 12:33 PM

Looks like an early freestyle frame... Haro? Dyno? mid 1980's

johnelliss 04-02-14 12:05 AM

Exactly i don't know that but it is looking like a mid 1980's model.

6061rw 04-03-14 12:51 PM

Go to or bmxmuseum on Facebook, somebody on there will be able to tell you what it is!

Coprone 04-22-14 08:48 AM

I have same, but a bit shortened & overbuilt frame, I think it's that 80-90's Trek as I have.

servisbikes 06-29-14 12:52 AM

haro. i have the exact same frame that will be built when i get some new forks

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