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yaddayaddabmx 10-24-13 01:07 PM

1. Do you ride a BMX bike? Yes/No

2. Do you grind? Yes/No

3. Do you hit your sprocket when you grind? Yes/No

4. Do you purchase stock bikes or make your own? Stock/Built

5. Which drive side do you prefer? Left/Right OR both(interchangeable)

6. Do you buy cheap or quality parts?

7. Which brand of parts do you prefer?

8. What price would you pay for an interchangeable hub?

9. Would you use an interchangeable hub?

10. Are you unsatisfied with the time it takes to interchange currently available hubs? Yes/No

Please post responses in comments section

no1mad 10-24-13 01:28 PM

Welcome to Bike Forums :)

1. We have an area where surveys go (LINK). You'll find the rules for posting a survey in the sticky at the top, but I've taken the liberty to quote them:

We get quite a few surveys on the Forums, and most of them are posted by newly joined members. Unfortunately, in many cases we never hear from them again, which is why we have set up a criteria for survey posts. The survey must include the following information:

1. Why you are doing this and for what company/organization.
2. Your role in the survey.
3. Approx how long will the survey take.
4. What you plan to do with the information provided by the participants.
5. What you plan to do with the results.
6. Agree to post the results here.
2. Your duplicate thread in General Cycling will be removed and this one will be closed.

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