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somegeek 11-11-13 01:31 PM

BMX Bike around $150 for 6yr old
I'm shopping for a new bike for our six year old son. He's 4'1" tall. Currently riding a bike with 16" wheels but ready for a larger bike. I was looking at the Diamondback Viper Jr for ~$140 but then wondered about weight. We'll be riding this on the street and over some features... sticks, small roller and eventually taking him to the Lumberyard(indoor mtb park) in Portland. Mostly though he'll be riding to school and playing on small features in our driveway.

At the $150-$200 price point for a kids bike this size, will weight be pretty much the same?

How does a bike with 20" wheels(Viper Jr) ride vs a 24" wheel bike (Nitrus Jr) for a six year old?

Appreciate any input.

ArizonaAdam 12-05-13 08:43 AM

I see this is an older post but the topic is one I'm exploring at the moment, too.

The $150 price point is a tough one. You can get a "kids" bike for that price, from REI or Performance that will have a more traditional "normal" geometry, hi ten frame, and a coaster brake, and probably training wheels.

For a real bmx bike, look for a micro or mini (size chart: They're expensive from what I've seen, more toward $300, and they're built to race, not to ride around the park, etc.

Let me know how your search went.

somegeek 12-05-13 12:22 PM

I ended up getting the Diamond Back Viper Jr. Has a coaster and hand brake.

megalowmatt 12-07-13 03:12 PM

I bought the same bike for our 8-year old but it's for his birthday in January. The Viper Jr seemed to be the best bang for the buck for a kids BMX.

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