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tigerteeuwen 12-01-13 02:45 PM

the bike buying cycle continues
Is anyone else like me? you think your going to quit bmx for good but you just keep finding yourself coming back?

I don't know why i do it each time, i get a new bike, i love riding it for about a year. Maybe i get a little bored? or maybe it's the winter break that kills my motivation to continue and then i sell my bike.

My excuse last time that i was getting married and that i need to "mature", but my good riding buddy has stayed with it, and i just feel like i need to ride with him again.

Yesterday i went into the local bike shop, ordered a Fit Bf2. 21"top tube, 8.5" rise bars... yeah that will do. You see i am not to specific about the brand, as long as the geometry is good and the top tube is long (since i am 6' 5") then i am good with whatever brand it is.

This time i swear i am sticking with it. This will be my last BMX!

or at least that is, what i keep telling myself....

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