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Ninshadow 03-13-05 05:42 PM

Dirt master? What is a dirt master?
What is this frame. Looks like a fake.

Anyone know about it? My frame is trashed and I am looking for a new one so thanks for the help.

oddtodd 03-13-05 05:58 PM

Dirtmaster is the name that the old SE Racing became when it sold out , It was then sold to AXXIS cycles which I am not sure what happened to or if this is a new owner or not. I just bought a "Flatty" frame from this guy . They are the ones who do the fabrication , and I just read the seller Matt Goodsell is on of the fabricators on one of those fabricate a hot rod in a week shows . I'll post a pic of the flatty , but this might have been a bertha or an assasin under a new name .

Flatty aka : reinforced flatland quadangle :

Will learn how to resize and post better pics shortly !

Ninshadow 03-13-05 06:02 PM

Oh ok so this might be an old frame with a new name? Thanks for the help.

oddtodd 03-13-05 06:05 PM

yea , drop him a line , nice guy , he'll let you know if it the same geometry as an older bike .

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