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Bike bob 01-07-14 03:53 PM

BMX with Transit
Hi all

I'm new this this forum so please go easy. I live on my own and drive a Ford Tranist as part of my job. Occasionally I go bmxing with friends at weekends. Unfortunately my Transit has an engine problem so I need to take it to the garage this Friday. Now I was just wondering on people's opinions as too whether I could pull my transit to the garage using my BMX? I don't have anybody else who could help and my transit doesn't start. I see my BMX as my only option for getting to the garage. The garage is 12 miles away. Just wondering if anybody had attempted anything like this before and if they thought it to be possible?

Many thanks
Bike bob

timvan_78 01-08-14 02:13 PM

!? I thought this was going to be about taking your bike on the bus! (transit)

You want to tow a light-commercial vehicle with a bmx? What's your BMX gear ratio?
Will someone steer the transit? (and hit the brakes so you don't get rolled over?)

I'd love to see it work but I don't think it will. your back tire would spin (depending on the road surface i guess?)

Bike bob 01-08-14 04:27 PM

Well unfortunately I don't have many friends after I slept with my best friends wife so won't have anybody to steer the transit. But anyway back to the subject. I'm not really sure on gear ratio as I only do bmxing as a sort of occasional hobby at weekends. I was thinking if I kept the hand brake of the transit off it would role nicely along behind me and then I would use my BMX brakes to stop it. Would I need someone to steer the transit? I'm going to empty it out before taking it to the garage anyway as I have a lot of expensive work related tools in there so should be quite light. I know this sounds extreme but after what happened between me and Stacey, I just have no other option!! I need my van for work :(

mihlbach 01-08-14 05:28 PM

In principle you could gear your bike low enough to tow it. However you can't change the amount of work required. Pulling a car 12 miles will require far more calories than you could possibly burn in a day. A gallon of gas contains 31,000,000 calories. You could do it with a gallon of gas, but not a cheeseburger.
You are going to need a tow truck.

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