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tushup 01-09-14 02:48 PM

What to do with my 1983 Torker 280x?
12 Attachment(s)'ve been reading some older posts in regards to "antique" BMX bikes, and was wondering what some of you think may be the value of mine. I have a 1983 Torker 280x that I recently took to the local bike shop to have new tires, grips, and a seat put on it, thinking that I may ride it a little here and there. The guy who owns and operates the shop was basically drooling over it. I've had my ol pal up in the attic since I started driving in 1985. I used to race this bike but took extremely good care of it. Since I only bought it in 1983 and raced two years before four wheels and an engine took over my life, it is practically mint right down to almost no damage on the ORIGINAL stickers. The bike shop owner and I talked about what should be replaced, and we came up with some new bluewalls to replace the snakebellies that had dry rotted a little (I still kept those!), some blue AME grips to replace my pink Mushrooms (Kept those too.), and a nice black gel cushion seat to replace my broken blue SR (Also kept). EVERYTHING else is original. Torker 280x frame and forks with ALL original stickers still intact, GT Pro handlebars with the original sticker still intact, silver SR hubs and SUGO rims, blue SR sprocket, seatpost and neck, Takagi 180mm crank, blue MX brakes, silver Beartrap pedals WITH the endcaps still in place. Needless to say the yellow, blue, silver combo is killer! Hard pressed to find a scratch ANYWHERE on this thing.
So, it hangs from my ceiling with nothing to do and before I put it up on eBay, I'm curious to hear some feedback in regards to my bike. The guy down at the shop also said not to let it go before I give him a fair shot at owning it. He has a few down there as well...i.e. a sweet 1981 Redline, and a Hutch I don't know what year, so he is an officianado as well. I've seen parts for sale here and there, but have yet to see one so complete as what I have and so original. Let me know what you all think as I have a figure in my head of what I think I want for it based on how attached I am to it, but, in reality, I know it is probably much less. Obviously I am not in a hurry to get rid of it as I've been holding it for 30 years, but I think given the right price, I would like to see someone else enjoy it. Hell, maybe even some deserving kid might USE it.

KDTX 01-27-14 03:59 PM

You could part it out and spend the $ on a new bike and pocket some cash. '83-'84 parts are the most valuable "old School" parts. Become a member
at Find out the value of your old parts through their classified section.

I was given an old school Patterson by a friend cleaning out his garage. I sold it part by part after I cleaned them all up and made $2450.!!! I got $1000 for the hubs alone. Got $400 for the cranks and $450 for the frame and fork.

Good luck with it!

MATPatterson 02-23-14 11:43 PM

If you DON'T NEED the money ride it. Check out, there are probably other people in your area that still ride and put on events. I went on my first New Years Day ride here in Colorado and it was a great time. But I am also getting back into the sport for all of the fun and rewards. Take care and hope you find your answer. That is a b/a Torker!

zzoostmy 01-31-15 04:32 AM

Thanks for sharing such information. I like that keep it up


DMC707 02-03-15 11:29 PM

Neat bike ---- why would you sell it? I hate to say it, but geometry on those old bikes is off the back for todays tracks -- someone might want to ride it as a curiosity, but after a fashion, -- it will just sit in someoen else's corner or hang from their ceiling too --- the long top tubes and steeper head and fork angles en vogue today work much better on modern tracks

Put a proper seat on it and enjoy it --- that seat looks more like it belongs on a modern MTB --

I tried riding a Mongoose California, circa 83 or 4 at a national in about 00 or 01 ---- i even entered it in a few local races to warm up for the event with such an odd little bike . Was an interesting experiment , although one i wont repeat again -------

---- Anything new in a Pro or XL frame size is significantly more fun to ride than that antiquated hardware --that said i wouldnt sell it unless someone offered me a significant sum of money ---

I'm still riding antiquated hardware though --- although now im riding a repro 26'er -- LOL -- plenty of space to move around on this bad boy ----------

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