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Doohickie 01-12-14 12:16 AM

Riding the 7th Street Bridge Arches in Fort Worth
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My first post in the BMX forum. Saturday, a BMX stunt rider named Mat Olson rode the arches of the new 7th Street Bridge in Fort Worth. Link to Fort Worth Star-Telegram article.


Mat Olson, a professional BMX stunt rider, rode his bike over the bridge’s 24-foot tall arches to the astonishment of onlookers.

“It seemed like I was on top of a mountain,” Olson said. “It was all windy and crazy when I was up there. It was pretty exhilarating, that’s for sure.”

It was also, apparently, pretty illegal.
Even though several cops saw the stunt, they decided to let him off with a warning.

FBinNY 01-12-14 05:03 PM

So Fort Worth, now has dedicated bike infrastructure? How nice.

Doohickie 01-14-14 03:37 PM


There's actually a pretty nice bike/ped path, nearly a car lane wide, on each side of this new bridge. The city did mess up the approach to it though; you either have to jump up a curb to get from the bike lane to the sidepath on the bridge (outside of the arches) or get on the sidewalk at the ramp at the previous intersection. They are going to fix it though by adding ramp cutouts to get from the bike lane to the bridge sidepath.

FBinNY 01-14-14 03:42 PM

Yes, here's a nice image showing one bridge side path, and the beautifully bikeable arches. Seeing how wide and flat they are takes some of the wonder away, but still not for me.

Doohickie 01-18-14 08:48 AM

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That looks like a pic I was using for my Facebook cover for a while.

Doohickie 01-28-16 07:05 PM

Olson did his stunt two years ago this month. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram did a retrospective interview. If you watch the video, beware of images of dislocated fingers and stuff.

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