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turbo1889 01-22-14 09:49 PM

Looking for "Bomb Proof" BMX wheels that have disk brakes - Anyone know of any?
First off - I'm not a BMX rider I'm a general purpose transportation cyclists and a huge fan of cargo bikes and even build my own cargo bikes and cargo trailers and am a huge fan of the heavy duty "Bomb Proof" 20" wheels you BMX guys use and have used many such wheels I've either been able to scrounge or buy new on many of my projects, especially trailer builds.

So far I've been able to make do with rim brakes or even trailer tongue compression scrub brakes, but I've got two builds I'm planning where one of them I absolutely have to have disk brakes probably 205mm hydraulics for one build and the other although I might be able to get away with a double set of V-brakes on a double cable pull brake lever on the rim but I would strongly prefer a disk brake.

I still need the strength and ruggedness of a "Bomb Proof" heavy axle and bearings BMX hub though and can't drop down to a MTB hub.

Any of you guys know of any heavy duty "Bomb Proof" BMX wheels or even just hubs I can build a wheel off of that accept disk brakes? I can do either center lock or 6-bolt but prefer 6-bolt.

Thanks Guys, appreciate any leads you might have, especially if you can give me some links, so far my searches have turned up null but I thought you guys might be able to steer me right to something.

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