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ahandley 03-05-14 07:29 PM

Can anyone provide information on Hyper bike?
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I know a lot more about mtb and road bikes. Looking for basic info on this hyper bike like model, year, value? Serial # is DM10L0442653. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.

I think the decals on the top and bottom tubes are added.

warmachine 03-06-14 06:00 AM

It's a department store bike. Don't know about the brand, but the brazed on kickstand gives it away.
It's value should be based on what utility you can gain from it and not what you can sell it for.
The frame looks like it would hold up to some park riding, but will be quite heavy compared to the bikes
it tries to imitate.


here it is.

ahandley 03-06-14 06:28 AM

Thanks for the info. Knowing that, I will skip the paint, repack wheel bearings and crank, replace cables and brake pads, then give it to one of the neighborhood kids.

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