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kinggrant20 03-17-14 05:39 PM

right bike/size for me?
Today I was riding around on my MTB and I came across this back woods trail. When I got to the end of the trail my jaw dropped. I just ran into a "underground" BMX park. There was a couple guys working on it. They picked a piece of secluded land and decided it would be the perfect place for a park. The park is MASSIVE!!! The best part is its only a 10min bike ride away from home. It would be dumb not to take the opportunity to utilize this park. So now I am going to get a BMX bike but before I get one I need some questions to be answered.

What size bike do I need? I am 6'1 155, tall and lean.
Is there a certain class of BMX bikes made for these parks?
What is the least amount of money I need to spend to get a decent beginner BMX bike? Keep in mind I will be buying used.
$100 is what I would like to spend.
What are some good brands and/or models. Nothing to expensive, I will have buy used.

9five9 03-17-14 08:40 PM

well first off, what kind of MTB do you have? dirt jump parks are a TON of fun on a mountain bike. Good parks will have beginner sections where you can learn to pump and roll and work your way to more advanced stuff. The cool part is if you do it right, there really won't be much wear and tear on your bike.

Now, if you REALLY want a bmx bike, at 6'1", you'll want an XL sized frame, which basically means it has a 21" top tube, and a chainstay length of about 13.75". This sounds complex, but it's really not. or will have these specs. So I'd say go on those sites, find a bike you like with those specs, and then look for one used on craigslist, ebay, or a local paper. Hope that helps. Get out there and shred.

kinggrant20 03-17-14 10:05 PM

Its not a city part and no one ownes it but it is city land. Some guys just came out and started building it up 5 years ago.
My mountain bike is to big for it. Remember im 6'1 I have a BIG ASS BIKE!!!
So a 21" top tube and chain length of about 13.75.
Thanks I will keep that in mind.

9five9 03-17-14 10:09 PM

you could also look at a 24 inch bmx "cruiser" bike.

SlimSlimShermz 04-23-14 09:43 AM

I'm 6'-1" also and I ride a 21" Top Tube. I know 6'-0"+ people who ride 20.75" for better spinning purposes, they fit fine as well. If you are looking into getting a bigger bike then go with the Sunday Model C - Jim C built it to feel just like a BMX bike although with bigger wheels.

Pics of Model C:
Sunday Model-C | cruiser revolution | Page 4

SlimSlimShermz 04-23-14 09:44 AM

I didn't see that you had a price range... your best bet is to search craigslist for a used 21" top tube bmx

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