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SlayZombi 03-18-14 07:58 PM

Need help with bottom bracket!
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Hey, i'm new to the bike building scene, and I want to use my old Walmart bike frame but customize EVERYTHING else on it. I'm stuck on my bottom bracket. Does anyone know if a new closed-ball bearing would fit inside this bottom bracket casing. I noticed most new bikes don't have the sidings (bumps) that this one does. I want to put in a ball-bearing (shown below) into this. Anybody know FOR SURE if this will fit? I don't want to guess and be out a lot of money. Also, can anyone tell me if the know EXACTLY the dimensions of the bottom bracket. All I know is that it is 68mm by something. Thanks in advance!

hockeyref 03-26-14 12:23 PM

Nope - not without an adapter of some sort. Back in the day there were a few companies that made sealed cartridge BB's to fit the larger shell. They were usually proprietary to the make\model of crank. At least one was made that worked with one piece cranks too. maybe Phil Wood still makes something like that but I would look at EBay for used Redline flight cranks or Profiles with a sealed BB.

As for Updating your Walmart frame.... Well quite frankly it probably isn't worth it unless you ultimately plan to transfer the parts over to better frame. One of those frames would have lasted me maybe a week..... heavy suckers too compared to the all Cro-Mo frames.

6061rw 04-03-14 01:00 PM

I'm assuming that's an American bb, you can get an American to Euro bb kit. Put one on my son's GT. BB Conversion Bp American-To Euro

Fignuts180 08-30-14 10:32 AM

I've found the best thing to do is find out what will work on your frame and go from there, not necessarily the other way around. Compromise might be needed, but if you're patient you can definitely guarantee satisfaction in the long haul.

mickey1019 11-26-14 03:13 AM

the bottom bracket is design for shimano.and if you want to set the bearing in the frame.i am afraid it doenn't make sence.

50voltphantom 12-01-14 01:34 PM

Start with a new frame. Thank me (us) later.

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