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rcommbikes 03-25-14 06:57 PM

Help with Mongoose ID
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This bike was donated to our charity and we would like to know just what it is. I already know it's a bit of a mixed breed. The decals say Supergoose but I have been told that it has had the decal added and is really another model. There are no frame gussets as you can see in the photos. I've gotten as far as to know it is probably an early 80s frame, but which model?

As usual, your help is appreciated.

hockeyref 03-26-14 12:10 PM

Prob mid late 80's... the first Pro Class came out around 1984-86 and IIRC it had a square tube between the bottom bracket and the chain stay loop vs the open channel that is on this one. I got out of BMX in 1989 and I believe that about 1987 or so they came out with a ProClass II - But I didn't own one and my memory isn't what it used to be.

zexzex 04-02-14 07:16 AM

83 are 84 supergoose! supergoose have 3 holes in the back break bridge

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