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m&m square danc 05-27-02 09:53 AM

best dirt bmx bike
wat is the best dirt bmx bike for under $550.also,is snafu
disco bars good,or kore candy bars good.

GravityBmxer 05-27-02 02:00 PM

Here are some really good dirt bmx bikes. They are sponsors though. hoffmanbikes,harobikes,huffybikes,moshbikes,giantbikes,and many more. To see what good dirt bmx bikes they have you could go on,, and Toysrus have some real good dirt bmx bikes you might want to go there and see them or even buy one or more and I think that snafu disco bars are good and I think kore candy bars are good. If you wanted a dirt bmx bike a really good one though you could tell your bike dealer about it and if you don't have a bike dealer you could get one. I hoped I helped. Good luck.;)

gekko1 06-30-02 11:20 AM

for $550 you have a few choices on good dirt jumping bikes. i personally had the hoffman d130 pro but thats more then you want to spend. go to and to see their choices. don't buy a bike from toys r us, walmart or something like that. they're not made to take the abuse of dirt jumping, just riding around town.

mxwolf 07-04-02 01:46 PM

Don't Get A Bike From Toys r us , there not made to take the beating

SolarPowered 07-05-02 12:31 AM

Toys R us.. he he he... ha ha ha.. thats funny... i'm sorry, thats really really funny, heh!:D

pankanchoog 11-02-08 07:11 AM

Originally Posted by m&m square danc (Post 76970)
wat is the best dirt bmx bike for under $550.also,is snafu
disco bars good,or kore candy bars good.

How about a Diamond Back or GT or Dyno? Not sure if Cook Bros is still around? Mongoose was good too.
Thruster, etc.

sonic six13 11-02-08 08:43 AM

never buy any bike from a department store. I work at a bike shop and they are horror stories. they arent even made to take the abuse of normal riding.

are you looking for a bike for riding trails specifically?

fuzzbox 11-02-08 10:45 AM

Way to look at the dates noobs.

Red Horn 11-02-08 03:28 PM

Way to look at the dates noobs.

Brian 11-02-08 06:36 PM

Hey, maybe six years on, he still hasn't chosen a bike.

ascend 11-03-08 03:18 AM

OP is still flagged as Newbie, so in 6 years he hasn't managed 10 posts or whatever it is to upgrade to Junior Member. Maybe he's out riding his bike. :P

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