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ChrisCar 05-12-14 07:06 PM

Where to sell used bikes?
I'm usually at the road bike forum, but that doesn't mean I cant diversify..

I got a good used diamondback I'm looking to sell locally. Besides Craigslist, is there any place or secret bmx market I could be aware of? Where do you guys sell or trade your old bikes?

raqball 05-12-14 07:12 PM

I donate my old bikes to a coop..

r0ckh0und 05-12-14 09:28 PM

I use our family resale shop as an outlet, but also CL and local bike swaps. If you live on a busy street you can use your front yard.

Picshooter 05-13-14 06:20 PM

Our Grandkids race BMX. Whenever we go to a State or National race there are lots of bikes, frames and wheelsets for sale. They are usually locked to a fence in a common area with a cell #
The local races not so many but there are always a few.
Other than that, there's e bay. The local Craigslist has a lot of listings too.

jefft72 05-19-14 12:04 PM

Chris, I am in the Houston area and may be interested. I tried to PM you, but realized that I do not have enough posts to do so.

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