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che_lives90 03-24-05 04:41 PM

Would you guys reccomend Diamondback?
IF yes then what models?
If NO then what other brands and models do you suggest for street/park?

PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

MadMan2k 03-24-05 04:44 PM

There's a couple threads about similar things on this page, scroll down and read through them...

People usually recommend Haro, DK, Fit, etc.
Diamondback I guess makes some good high end bikes, but not really low end ones. They made some nice looking ones a while back, but I don't know about the quality...

bmexican 03-24-05 06:25 PM

diaback does make great highend bikes but they do make a couple decent lowend models aswell. go on their website, i thinks its the orion that has some really good parts at a great price. and as for the quality, eve ntho ull hear 10000 different opinions, the quality of their bikes are great, ive owned a few in my time biking and they've never giving me too much of a problem.

Fly Bikes90 03-25-05 11:02 AM

id recommend dk, fly bikes, stolen, mosh, fit, maybe eastern. Do not buy GT, and haro. maybe an expensive diamand back($400).

JMC 03-25-05 01:54 PM

db's complete bikes are not to my liking. my mate has a 05' skindog and it's parts are a joke. they are always breakin. the stem is like, flimsy as i ever seen a stem and don't get me started on the 3pc. 1wall rims, huge gearing, massive bars, heavy as hell(and i'm not afraid of weight on a bike), and the rear cog is already packing up. this would possibly be normal for like, ++riders, but this guy just bunny hops and 1foot drops at the most. taking this into account, i don't like db's.

MetalHead90 03-28-05 02:30 AM

Yes, I would. The Orion 05' would be my best pick.

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