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che_lives90 03-24-05 04:55 PM

DK Eight PACk
Woudl you recommend it or not??

I know I am posting a lot of threads but thats onyl because I REALLY want to get a bike.......

bmexican 03-24-05 06:22 PM

if you have more money to spend buy a better one. if not, its a pretty good bike for the money. and if u dont mind that its not a full cromoly frame than go for it.

dkbiker620 03-24-05 07:21 PM

i have the sixpack and i realy like it and i would think the eight pack would be just as good

queensrider86 03-24-05 07:34 PM

the six pack is alright, but the eight pack is ****. it's trimoly= ****. Unsealed bb= worse than 1 pc crank. It also has a ghetto ass paper thin iron cross design sprocket

bmexican 03-24-05 07:45 PM

ok calm down there queen. a 3pc crank sealed or not is better than a 1pc crank, cuz 1pc are unsealed anyway. and its trimoly to keep the price down. u no for ppl who dont have a lot of money to spend.

queensrider86 03-24-05 08:20 PM

when i had a 1 pc, if i tightened the bb correctly it will not get loose. unsealed 3pc cranks weigh like 4 pounds and they constantly get loose, and the bearings crack. if anyone was to get a complete dk it would be the 4pack or the dayton, or the signal as bmxtrix says

Brian 03-24-05 09:55 PM

If you like it, get it. What's so wrong about people just buying what they can afford? I have a BMX that cost me AU$500, and a tandem MTB that was AU$12,000. The BMX suits my needs just as well as the tandem does.

queensrider86 03-25-05 08:52 AM

What is Au 500 to Us 500? Did you get it complete or did you build it yourself

Brian 03-25-05 02:37 PM

Originally Posted by queensrider86
What is Au 500 to Us 500? Did you get it complete or did you build it yourself

Right now, around US$400, but you can't make the comparison that simple. I bought a complete used bike, and swapped the brake, grips, and tires.

queensrider86 03-25-05 03:26 PM

400 used is pretty expensive. what kind is it

Brian 03-25-05 04:29 PM

Haro Group 1 SX 24 cruiser. 2004. I don't think it had been ridden when I got it, and I paid about half of what it cost last year.

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