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bmxrideordie 06-30-14 08:41 AM

What frame is this?
Guys(and gals), I have a BMX frame that I bought from a guy who said its a mid 1980's haro freestyle and I have nothing more to go on other than a serial number that shows nothing on google. The number is AT9525947, the frame is brown and big clunky steel but over welded at the joints to beef it up. This guy collects and sells BMX race bikes worth thousands of dollars and I highly doubt he was bs'ing when he said it was a frame sent right from the factory for display purposes at a LBS years ago that fell to disuse. I bought it for fractions less than the parts on the actual frame so I dont care if its junk id still be happy to ride it, I'm just really curious about what exactly im riding.

I can post pics in the next few days if needed, but theirs really nothing else to go on other than the serial number, everything from the forks to the bars are unrelated and custom (i.e. redline cranks, modern haro seat and bars, etc.)

Thanks! and I've been creeping the forums for years, this is the first thing I found worth posting about.

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