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bradpagelee1 07-18-14 03:49 PM

Mongoose Frame/forks and araya rims...
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Hello im from South Africa and trying to find out the value of this or any interesting bits of info. some guys here are serious collectors and have incredible bikes. Some of these guys help me evaluate some stuff but then on the other hand others try devalue the stuff so i can sell it to them for cheaper. so i would dig to ask independent veiws. im still learning the value of stuff but i make it my mission to find this stuff because i find it interesting plus the sales of the bmx stuff allows me to buy antique bikes which im storing to use as movie props. HELL, I WISH I COULD AFFORD TO COLLECT BMXs, IVE ALWAYS LOVED BMX, even in my 40s. Yes i know its in a state but i had to hunt this down. thanks guys

198xBMX 11-11-14 08:13 AM

Can barely see the dropouts of the fork in that pic, basically all wheel in that photo. What do you mean?

198xBMX 11-11-14 08:14 AM

In fact that looks like rear dropouts, not sure though.

198xBMX 11-11-14 10:16 AM

Oh ok, we got the specific photo figured. I have been wondering about angled forks myself, I can see how they look angled forward in the photo. Good luck with the ebay deal.

198xBMX 11-11-14 09:42 PM

Well, a member bumped this topic to defend their ebay transaction which didnt seem to be working out. The replies the member left are gone for some reason.

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