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KinetikBiker 04-03-05 10:57 AM

how would haveing your bars forward help you manual**********? same with bunnyhopping

CMcMahon 04-03-05 07:40 PM

That has to be the most ******** brake setup I've seen in a while, aside from any setups involving Snafu or RNC levers, or levers placed below the crossbar.

Fly Bikes90 04-07-05 03:33 PM

the only problems:
bars: 4 piece and they are forward
Chainwheel: Too big, bring it down to a 39t or 36t it would feel better
Brakes Cables: Trim them down because if you sit down , there would be brake cables in your face(thats not cool.)
Seat post: Just looks weird with it bent like that
But otherwise its pretty nice looking, goodjob on building it.

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