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invision 04-09-05 08:19 AM

What side do my pegs go on? I can only like do a 180 to the right.

lunchbox 04-09-05 12:12 PM

it all depends what side you most comfortable with grinding on, put on both side and try grinding

pack 04-09-05 06:59 PM

generaly on the side that you have your foot foward, but you can learn on the other side, its just opposite

poonster18 04-10-05 12:55 AM

Umm generally if you can only do a 180 to the right, you would probably have ytour pegs to the left of your bike. Simply because everyone's riding is different, i can ride better when i spin counter clockwise so i have my pegs on my right side. :)

sxe fbm rider 04-10-05 05:07 PM

Spinning and pegs are not related at all.. You may want to learn to spin a certain way so you can do 180 grinds or something, but which way you spin doesent determine your peg side.

queensrider86 04-10-05 07:24 PM

if you have pegs on your right then it would be easier to learn wallrides on the left of the bike

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