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jim-bob 05-25-04 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by Doctor Who
The new Morrissey album. "You are the Quarry."

'Tis good stuff.

the warlock pinchers said all that needs to be said on the morrissey issue.

Fugazi Dave 05-25-04 06:57 PM

Tom Waits & Primus doing an instrumented reading of some Jack Kerouac stuff.

MadMan2k 05-25-04 10:17 PM

My preference lies somewhere between classic rock and metal, for the most part I like bands such as AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, etc. I don't mind listening to rap, if the song has no words, just the beat is nice (rare occurance, eh), but I just hate pop.

ions 05-26-04 12:53 AM

Revolving between Vast, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and Explosions in the Sky lately...well for 4 months I've listened to little else. Very satisfying musical experiences.

Dannihilator 05-26-04 01:09 AM

Mudvayne-World So Cold

Fugazi Dave 05-26-04 11:19 AM

Kid A ~ Radiohead

Good album, but I hardly ever listen to it. And I cannot come up with a good reason why.

skitbraviking 05-26-04 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by Fugazi Dave
Kid A ~ Radiohead

Good album, but I hardly ever listen to it. And I cannot come up with a good reason why.

I have one: they are depressing and angry as hell. It's not fun long-term listening. I love them and respect them myself but get a full case of malaise if I listen too long. Tom Yorke is a sop. Enough said.

Been listening to Bring on the Bright Lights by Interpol again and again, lately. Also Low Life by New Order. I have come to like their bleak look at adult life during the superficial '80's. The Berlin wall hadn't yet fallen. Distrust and Reaganomics reigned the political world, left and right, the "free world" and the communist. Plus, it illustrates the bitterness that laid beneath the so-called triumph of conservatism of the age. Wow, that was way too academic for this post. Oh well.


skitbraviking 05-26-04 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by jim-bob
the warlock pinchers said all that needs to be said on the morrissey issue.

Tell us what it's like!

warrenginn 05-26-04 07:33 PM

I'm hooked on KEXP in Seattle over the internet.

'Where the music matters.'

Fugazi Dave 05-26-04 11:15 PM

Gandharvas. Crazy Canadians... :)

rmwun54 05-27-04 03:35 AM

Keiko Matsui

Fugazi Dave 05-27-04 07:50 PM

Tommy James and the Shondells

RegularGuy 05-27-04 07:58 PM

I'm not gonna tell, but you can guess. Here's your clue:

Can I have kippers for breakfast, Mummy dear, Mummy dear...

Doctor Who 05-27-04 10:04 PM

This Heat "Deceit"

My avatar is from the cover of this album. Amazing post-punk that came before punk. A musical anomaly, so to speak.

Fugazi Dave 05-27-04 10:22 PM

Everything by the Eels that I own.

pitboss 05-28-04 08:20 AM

As I sit in my Cubefarm on a lovely day, waiting for the weekend, I am surround by the percussion skills of Quest Love (Ahmir Thompson) and 2 other jazz artists running out their styles on "The Philadelphia Experiment" (ropeadope records).
King Britt remixed this (damn fine job too), and his effort prompted me to pick this up. I am happier having heard both

Doctor Who 05-28-04 09:44 AM

Comsat Angels "Waiting for a Miracle"

Fugazi Dave 05-28-04 03:42 PM

Fantasma ~ Cornelius

jim-bob 05-28-04 03:52 PM

Scorn - 'ellipsis'

Dannihilator 05-28-04 04:01 PM

Iron Maiden Run for the Hills.

caloso 05-28-04 04:31 PM

Mutations by Beck.

skitbraviking 05-28-04 11:36 PM

The Good Idea single by Sugar.

Chris L 05-29-04 12:47 AM

Just bought the new CD from Eskimo Joe. I could be listening to this for a while. :)

Dannihilator 05-29-04 01:20 AM


Fugazi Dave 05-29-04 04:25 PM

The Bends ~ Radiohead

Still my favorite Radiohead album most days. Only occasionally gets beaten out by OK Computer.

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