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RegularGuy 10-28-03 02:44 PM

Right now...this very second...I am listening to Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France. Django and Stephane Grapelli well deserve their places in the jazz pantheon.

gonesh9 10-28-03 02:52 PM

I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, some jazz and some blues.

These days I tend to listen more to indie rock and downbeat. There's a lot of good leser-known music going on these days.

Some current favorites are Yo La Tengo, Calexico, Tortoise, American Analog Set, Herbert.

TeleJohn 10-28-03 05:12 PM

Jack Johnson

MsVicki 10-28-03 05:22 PM

An old David "Fathead" Newman....

sshock4 10-28-03 05:28 PM

right now cky, then to thrice, thr john butler trio, phish, ani difranco, iron maiden, deltron 3030, pink floyd, dave matthews, oscar, string cheese incident, dj shadow, poison the well, ignite, foo fighters, jedi mind tricks

and TONS of other stuff, i listen to everything

ngateguy 10-28-03 06:39 PM

Listening to Blue Rodeo

SD Fixed 10-29-03 12:52 PM

Benny Benasi

caloso 10-29-03 01:19 PM

Whatever supercool stuff they're playing on Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW.

ngateguy 10-29-03 05:16 PM

Greatful Dead "Touch of Grey"

Grendel 10-29-03 09:08 PM

Favorite tracks of the week:

The Prodigy -- "Their Law"
Dub Pistols -- "Unique Freak"
Dido -- "Life for Rent"
Pantera -- "Walk"

pitboss 10-29-03 11:11 PM

Dub Pistols...great stuff!
Here we go (the work shuffle):
1. Effigies - Remains Nonviewable (the only CD release of their tunes) Good Chicago working-class, politically charged street punk - one of my favs! R.I.P.
2. Minor Threat
3. Cro Mags - Before the Quarrel
4. Hive - Working with Sound
5. Youth Brigade - Sink with Kalifornjia
6. Bad Brains - all of 'em
7. Interpol - gotta have some somber tunes every now and then I guess
8. God Speed You Black Emporer - not sure which one (burnt copy)
9. Helmet
10. Quicksand
12. Photek - Form V. Function, Risk v. Reward
11. WLUW (Chicago College Radio) and NPR for the news
12. Tortoise - TNT (the post-lunch, coma tunes!)

SD Fixed 10-30-03 02:13 PM


Originally Posted by Grendel
Favorite tracks of the week:

The Prodigy -- "Their Law"

Nice stuff.


Fugazi: Waiting room.

Dannihilator 10-30-03 02:51 PM

Right at this moment System of a Down.

heresy 10-30-03 10:00 PM

Pink Floyd is on right now. Maybe some Pearl Jam later.

I am going to a Liz Phair concert Sunday. I cannot wait. It has been a few years since I last saw her.

keithnordstrom 10-30-03 11:34 PM

lot of different stuff.

neil finn/crowded house *always* works for me. right now listening to del amitri's new album.

MsVicki 11-02-03 07:41 AM

Uncle Kracker this fine Sunday morning..

heybulldog 11-02-03 09:14 AM

a little Led Zeppelin....."What is and what should never be"

ParamountScapin 11-02-03 12:41 PM

After a quick 50 in the paceline have put on 'Waiting for Columbus' by Little Feat. A band gone before its time. Music is my second sin (after bicycles).

MsVicki 11-02-03 04:40 PM

This afternoon I must have been in the mood for some oldies. I dug out soundtracks to "Fright Night" and "Lost Boys" and played them. I guess another thread on here about scary movies reminded me of those.

Right now I am listening to "I'm Not the Enemy", by Lina.

ngateguy 11-02-03 04:52 PM

Today it's been country first a little Kieth Urban, John Prine, Iris Dement (what a voice) now it is that trully un american band The Dixie Chicks ;)

Dannihilator 11-02-03 05:36 PM

Pennywise at this moment.

Joe Gardner 11-02-03 05:47 PM

Danka, have you heard the pennywise piano solo? One of my favorites of all time.

Right now I have on Tom's Diner by Suzaane Vega.

chewa 11-03-03 07:35 AM

Blu Cantrell - Bittersweet.

bumblebee 11-03-03 07:50 AM

Radiohead, Phish, Urge Overkill, George Harrison, String Cheese Incident, Iggy Pop

Dannihilator 11-12-03 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by Joe Gardner
Danka, have you heard the pennywise piano solo? One of my favorites of all time.

Right now I have on Tom's Diner by Suzaane Vega.

Yes I have.

Right now I'm listening to Bruce Springsteen-Born to Run

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