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pitboss 10-11-04 09:12 AM

The Clash - all day
edit -
add in the following:
The Saints - s/t
Rancid - And Out come the Wolves

I forgot about all this good music lately. Thank god for Delilah's and associated times

skitbraviking 10-11-04 04:10 PM

Express Rising

Some good downbeat stuff a la Theivery Corporation but more cinematic.

thnx 165

Raiyn 10-11-04 04:32 PM


Originally Posted by skitbraviking
WOw, you are a rare bird. I know few who have even heard of them. I picked up one CD in Sweden or Finland, can't remember which.

Sonic Youth: Murray Street
PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love

I've got 11 mp3's by them - all quality Metallica covers.

pitboss 10-11-04 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by skitbraviking
Express Rising
thnx 165

no prob
right now for me -
while I contemplate my hikae design

skitbraviking 10-11-04 08:02 PM

Chicago Underground Trio: Flamethrower

Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days

Dannihilator 10-11-04 08:44 PM

Still Waiting-Sum41

Fugazi Dave 10-11-04 09:47 PM

Louder Than Love ~ Soundgarden
Screaming Life/Fopp ~ Soundgarden

I swear Reckless Records is amazing. Nobody ever has what I'm looking for....except for Reckless.

Agent_Embryo 10-12-04 12:05 AM

nada surf - blizzard of '77

Chris L 10-12-04 01:59 AM

Know Your Enemy -- Manic Street Preachers. I just love that CD.

auk 10-12-04 05:55 PM

Cookin with Miles~ Miles Davis
Live at Fillmore~ Jimi Hendrix
Trysome Eatone~ Love Spit Love

livestrong91 10-12-04 06:14 PM

You Are the Quarry- Morrissey
III: Ghost Tigers Rise- Tiger Army
Dead Girls Don't Cry- Nekromantix
Lucky 7- Reverend Horton Heat
Axis: Bold As Love- Jimi Hendrix

Fugazi Dave 10-12-04 06:28 PM

The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner ~ Ben Folds Five

'effin sweet.

Dannihilator 10-12-04 07:48 PM

SIC- Slipknot

pitboss 10-13-04 09:20 AM

Matador 10th Anniversary disc set....great tunes

s2sxiii 10-13-04 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by Agent_Embryo
nada surf - blizzard of '77

so good. I'm gonna put that album on

no, wait, today its DCFC's Something About Airplanes, to prepare for the concert tonight I'll be attending tonight. I'm so excited that i just can't hide it.

gilby 10-13-04 01:52 PM

Sexual Harrassment - I Need a Freak

Raiyn 10-13-04 02:59 PM

Das Ich - Gott Ist Tot (Nietzsche Mix)
Dennis Leary - A$$hole
Morris Day & The Time - Jungle Love

skitbraviking 10-13-04 03:59 PM

Interpol: Antics

pitboss 10-13-04 07:20 PM

Smiths - Meat is Murder and Singles

Fugazi Dave 10-14-04 12:02 AM

So ~ Peter Gabriel

pitboss 10-14-04 10:23 AM

Mogwai - Good Music for Good People

gilby 10-14-04 11:49 AM

Belle & Sebastian - Tigermilk

auk 10-14-04 11:52 AM

Cowboy Junkies~Whites Off Eath Now
Cowboy Junkies~Trinity Sessions

skitbraviking 10-14-04 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by [165]
Mogwai - Good Music for Good People

how about a burn?

Tortoise: It's All Around You

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