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*new*guy 01-14-05 01:54 PM

Call and Response- " "

Fugazi Dave 01-14-05 04:50 PM

Siamese Dream ~ Smashing Pumpkins

Agent_Embryo 01-14-05 05:10 PM


Originally Posted by *new*guy
Call and Response- " "

as in HelloGoodbye?

Fugazi Dave 01-14-05 05:14 PM

Zen ~ DJ Krush

livestrong91 01-14-05 05:18 PM

Rumble in Brixton ~ Stray Cats

crust & crumb 01-14-05 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by B10Cycle
I recently found out about the North Mississippi All-Stars. I heard about them in relation to another band I like, Widespread Panic, and checked them out. Turns out theyre awesome. Very country-rock/blues-rock sound. Good stuff.

do yourself a favor and catch them live.

hi565 01-14-05 06:16 PM

my sister got me an Ugly Casanova c. The lead singer is the lead singer of Modest Mouse. Taken me a little to get used to but i like it, pretty funky.

[bEn] 01-14-05 06:17 PM

Deep Purple- Smoke on the water. old song.

pitboss 01-14-05 06:31 PM

Dante Carfagna - Express Rising
Boards of Canada - everything
ORB - Ultraworld...

Fugazi Dave 01-14-05 06:33 PM

Led Zeppelin IV

[bEn] 01-14-05 06:56 PM

Shannon Noll- Come On Aussie, Come On.

Fugazi Dave 01-14-05 08:16 PM

miscellaneous Thievery Corporation

Fugazi Dave 01-14-05 09:17 PM

Vitalogy ~ Pearl Jam

crust & crumb 01-15-05 12:43 AM

umphrey's mcgee - anchor drops

digadog 01-15-05 02:44 AM

NoMeansNo - Wrong

skitbraviking 01-15-05 11:49 AM

Saddle Creek 50 (Disc 2)... which is a nice little selection for $.99 if you buy other stuff from them.

Fugazi Dave 01-15-05 12:59 PM

Pinkerton ~ Weezer

Fugazi Dave 01-15-05 05:02 PM

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ~ Kid Koala

auk 01-15-05 05:15 PM

Morphine~Cure for Pain

Fugazi Dave 01-15-05 07:27 PM

Come With Us ~ Chemica Brothers

RegularGuy 01-15-05 07:31 PM

Trio Two: Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt and Dolly Parton singin' some sweet harmonies.

skitbraviking 01-15-05 07:51 PM


Originally Posted by Fugazi Dave
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ~ Kid Koala

Nice new icon FD!

Dig that album myself, but found it a pleasure only on occasion. Saw him open up for Radiohead a few years back. He's great live.

Bright Eyes: Digital Ash in a Digital Urn

auk 01-15-05 08:38 PM


myxbyx 01-15-05 09:44 PM

necromantics-dead girls don't cry

skitbraviking 01-15-05 10:57 PM

Streets: A Grand Don't Come for Free

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