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caffein8ed 10-11-13 10:41 AM

Last night was my second time seeing Pitch Black. I watched it with my kids this time and, as with most decent sci-fi movies, they thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

Pitch Black - 7/10

the sci guy 10-12-13 04:53 PM

went and saw Machete Kills for fun, and to get out of the house. Just like the previous, it was absurdly fantastic. Just ridiculous hilarious fun. So many great cameos. Elon Musk at the end was great. :lol:

late 10-12-13 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16132955)


Damn. So good.
Tense all the way through. Visually stunning. Not for the faint of heart, or people who get nauseous. Lots of spinning.

I had wanted to see it in Imax, but that stopped. I had to settle for
3D. I liked it, I especially liked that the premise is plausible.
I have some quibbles, chief among them being that I wish someone
besides Sandra got the lead part. But it was enjoyable.

the sci guy 10-12-13 10:34 PM

Personally I adore Sandra Bullock.

I agree about it being mostly plausible. The technical bits about working and doing things and the way things react in space was really good. I think my favorite details was her tears just floating away when she started crying.

bigbossman 10-13-13 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by caffein8ed (Post 16142920)
Flipping through the On-Demand free movies last night, I spotted 21 Jump Street and decided to give it a shot. It's not the kind of movie I'd normally consider watching, but I'd heard that it was pretty funny.

About 35 minutes into this painfully unfunny comedy, I decided I'd had enough and I bailed out. Which is significant for me, because I almost never give up and just walk away from a movie without finishing. But, I really couldn't see continuing to watch this one as being anything more than a total waste of time.

21 Jump Street - 2/10

Korean Jesus weeps for you. :)

ooga-booga 10-14-13 03:12 AM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16155702)
went and saw Machete Kills for fun, and to get out of the house. Just like the previous, it was absurdly fantastic. Just ridiculous hilarious fun. So many great cameos. Elon Musk at the end was great. :lol:

yah. i need to go see it. loved the first one because it was so implausible and ridiculous. i'm okay with the suspension of disbelief when it comes to rodriguez/tarantino.

caffein8ed 10-14-13 03:53 PM


Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 16157097)
Korean Jesus weeps for you. :)

He ain't got time for my problems! :D


I re-watched the Coen brothers neo-noir tribute, The Man Who Wasn't There this weekend with my son. It was his first time seeing it, (and his third Coen brothers movie, overall), and he seemed to really enjoy it.

The Man Who Wasn't There - 8.5/10

caffein8ed 10-15-13 11:18 AM

I checked out Kung Fu Hustle last night... Very entertaining stuff! - 7/10

caffein8ed 10-16-13 10:54 AM

I finally got around to watching Shane Carruth's Upstream Color last night. It was bizarre and unique and disjointed and beautiful, and it will definitely require a second -- and probably a third -- viewing to take it all in.

Similar to the way Carruth handled things in his first movie, Primer, many of the explanations and insights were presented visually, and making the connections to understanding requires viewer extrapolation, (rather than being handled more plainly and traditionally through dialog).

I know I liked the movie... I may have loved it, but I can't be sure until I see it again. For now: 7.5/10

colorider 10-16-13 11:25 AM

Caught The Hobbit on HBO (seems like its been on every night lately). While I still think it pales compared to the LOTR trilogy, I'm coming around a bit. I still think the Radagast and Misty Mtn orc fight (under the mountain) sequences are lame though.

gavo 10-17-13 08:33 PM

Man of Steel. Had a few reservations but overall loved it.
Tangled. Again.I have 3 daughters. Beautiful and brilliantly made wee movie.
Star Trek Into Darkness. Khaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really enjoyed it. And I've loved Star Trek for about 30 years.
Skyfall on bluray. In my opinion there was only one flaw in this ended.

caffein8ed 10-18-13 10:18 AM

Grosse Point Blank was just as enjoyable this time around as it was the first four times I've watched it over the years. And what a fantastic soundtrack! :D

Grosse Point Blank - 7.5/10

caffein8ed 10-23-13 11:29 AM

I re-watched Platoon Sunday night, having not seen it on probably 20 years. - 8/10

Yeah, I watch and re-watch a lot of movies. :D

Last night I introduced my son to The Kentucky Fried Movie. It wasn't as funny as I thought I remembered it to be, but I still got a few good laughs out of it. My son seemed to get a big kick out of the movie, though. - 6.5/10

ThermionicScott 10-24-13 08:08 PM

I'm a little late to the party (although perhaps that's not a big deal with all the rewatching going on ;)), but my gf and I loved "Gravity". To an extent, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney both played themselves, but it worked out. From what I gather, the production team went to great detail to make it appear authentic, only taking liberties as needed to further the plot. The soundtrack was brilliant as well, at times using polyrhythms and random-seeming washes of sound to mirror the chaos occurring on-screen, other times tranquil, beautiful, and rousing. I'd definitely see it again. :thumb:

ooga-booga 10-25-13 03:18 PM

the shipping news-8.5

king of new york-pure, unabashed christophen walken worship + lawrence fishburne as you've never seen him. 8.5 bordering on a 9 for the pure escapism.
the shootout in the chinatown alley sequence where everyone (including the ladies in heels) are suddenly brandishing machine guns (where were they hiding those exactly?!)
within 2 seconds is just silly classic.

the sci guy 10-25-13 08:21 PM

anyone going to see The Counselor this weekend? think I might. i love me some cormac mccarthy

caffein8ed 10-31-13 10:54 AM

For the most part, I like Kevin Smith's movies and generally find them to be pretty entertaining. But, until the other night I had never seen Mallrats. I watched it, and was mostly unimpressed. - 5/10

the sci guy 11-01-13 07:54 AM

alright, who's going to see ENDER'S GAME this weekend?
Going tonight. so pumped.

look566 rider 11-01-13 01:29 PM

Prisoners... The Hugh Jackman missing child flick. Story started well, then drug on far to long. Holes in the plot. Several continuity mistakes, which drive me nuts. I did like the use of real neighborhoods and houses as sets. In regards that the director show a small house from the outside, then they cut to inside and the rooms are impossibly big.

the sci guy 11-01-13 09:06 PM

Ender's Game was excellent in IMAX. Overall, I think it did the book justice pretty well. I know they had to cram 6 years of stuff into a hour, basically, but they did alright. I think it should have been about 30-40 minutes longer, which most of that being spent in the Battle Room seeing Ender learn to think, strategize, and win over the kids. Some of those battles in there were really cool to read. They kept in a lot of the details, and really glad they left out the whole Peter and Val doing the philosopher's editorials thing but I expected that because it's an entirely worthless chapter in the book too. I was curious how much they were going to do with the video game, but I think they left in and did just enough to get the point across.
The effects were pretty good.
Overall, I'm quite happy.
I give it a B+

UtahRider 11-06-13 09:15 AM

Iron Man 3 - 6/10

colorider 11-06-13 10:29 AM


Originally Posted by the sci guy (Post 16156337)
Personally I adore Sandra Bullock.

I agree about it being mostly plausible. The technical bits about working and doing things and the way things react in space was really good. I think my favorite details was her tears just floating away when she started crying.

+1 on Sandra Bullock. We saw Gravity this weekend and loved it. 9/10

caffein8ed 11-06-13 10:40 AM

Lots of movie re-watching this past week. As usual, this was mostly to introduce these movies to my kids. I stopped short, however, of letting my 10 year-old daughter watch The Big Lebowski - she can wait a few more years for that one. :)

The Big Lebowski - One of my all-time favorites. - 9/10

Monkey Business - Not the Marx Brothers best movie, but a quality classic nonetheless. - 7/10

Equilibrium - I'm partial to "dystopian future" scifi flicks, and this morality play starring Christian Bale is a good one. - 7.5/10

A Fistful of Dollars - This is arguably the weakest of the Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone "man with no name" Spaghetti-Western trilogy, (For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly are the other two), but it's still a really good movie. - 7/10

the sci guy 11-06-13 01:17 PM

lebowski is an all time greatest movie. definitely.

equilibrium is a guilty pleasure for me. its pretty badass, but also pretty terrible all at once. i mean, it's not a "so bad its good" kind of movie like Con Air, or something, but it's pretty good.

i am just finishing up reading tom clancy's 2nd novel: red storm rising, and it made me think of watching the hunt for red october. so i revisited that. man, such a fantastic movie in every respect.

caloso 11-06-13 01:33 PM

Red Tails. 4/10. Not nearly as good as the HBO movie from a few years ago, just longer, louder, and with more CGI.

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