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bigbossman 10-15-12 03:00 PM

I spun three Steve Miller LP's last night, that I bought last week at a swap meet. ZZZzzzzzzzzz..... sold all three today.

So far today, I listened to:

Bobby Darin - The Bobby Darin Story
Chuck berry - Berry Is On Top
Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
Johnny Winters - About The Blues

lotek 10-23-12 09:18 AM

Beatles Abby Road the second side is my definition of perfect, flows together better than anything
else I've heard.
Michael Franks The Art of Tea


bigbossman 10-24-12 11:34 AM


Originally Posted by lotek (Post 14871061)
Beatles Abby Road the second side is my definition of perfect, flows together better than anything
else I've heard.

Yup - Abbey Road is a very nice LP.

Right now I'm listening to Genuine Houserockin' Music II, an Alligator Records blues sampler LP. Pretty good. Just finished Ten Years After Shhh, and some Lonnie Brooks is up next.

Simon Cowbell 10-24-12 03:31 PM

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Trailer Bride's Hope is a Thing with Feathers

bigbossman 10-29-12 12:29 PM

So far today.......

Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Supertramp - Breakfast in America
Chuck Berry - Golden Decade (1st volume)
Chuck Berry - Golden Hits

And spinning right now......

Derek and the Dominoes - In Concert

lotek 10-29-12 12:49 PM

this weekends picks
Big Brother and the Holding Company Cheap Thrills
Jethro Tull Thick As a Brick
Yes self titled first album
I'm listening to Rod Stewart Great American Songbook I on cd. the vinyl editions are all $190 and up (ouch)
speaking of ouch, I see the Beatles collection has been rereleased on Vinyl at a cool $349.

bigbossman 10-30-12 04:01 PM

Ry Cooder - Borderline

Shifty 10-30-12 09:07 PM

Today I was listening to Waiting For Columbus, by Little Feat. Recorded live in 1978, this CD ROCKS!!!!! All recordings include Lowell George, so it's the real deal.

Get this, download it, it's great.

A short review:
This 1978 live album remains a serious contender for one of the best live rock albums ever etched, standing toe to toe with live classics from the Band, Allman Brothers, and the Who. Recorded during concerts in London and Washington, D.C., Waiting for Columbus vividly captures the L.A. sextet at a crossroads between its swampy mid-'70s fusion of blues, country, and New Orleans R&B, and the more eclectic jazz accents introduced later in the decade. If the late Lowell George's influence had diminished in the studio, his presence dominates here in rowdy, righteous vocals, the mercurial tang of his indelible slide guitar, and a set-list laced with his songs. While still riveting in its initial, abridged CD release, this remastered two-disc edition expands and resequences the songs into a full concert set, with encore. Two deleted tracks are further augmented by 10 additional performances to make this a definitive edition of a classic album that really will "boogie your speakers away." --Sam Sutherland

bigbossman 10-31-12 09:48 AM


Originally Posted by Shifty (Post 14897780)
Today I was listening to Waiting For Columbus, by Little Feat. Recorded live in 1978, this CD ROCKS!!!!!

Ummmmmm........ we're talking ALBUMS here. Actual vinyl LP's. Read the OP. :)

But yeah - I listened to my Waiting For Columbus LP a few weeks ago. I consider it one of the top 5 live recording LP's.

bigbossman 10-31-12 10:00 AM

Started off today by spinning some vintage Creedence - Bayou Country

"Flying though the crossroads, Rosie ran into the hound"

bigbossman 11-01-12 04:04 PM

Today's selections (so far):

Bad Company - Bad Co
Cheap Trick - Live at Budokan

bigbossman 11-13-12 11:47 AM

Chester & Lester. a 1976 RCA recording

Chet Atkins and Les Paul - two of the very best, doing what they do.

This music just makes me feel good.

bigbossman 11-13-12 05:47 PM

Just finished, The Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tuff Enuff

Next up, John Mayall - The Turning Point

lotek 11-16-12 02:27 PM

chicka chicka what?

bigbossman 11-16-12 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by lotek (Post 14956062)
chicka chicka what?


Spinning right now, Charlie McCoy - Harpin' The Blues

A Nashville session musician playing blues on the harmonica. Seriously - what's not to like?

lotek 11-16-12 07:56 PM

Jethro Tull Stand up

might pull out some Alexis Korner later... depends on the mood

bigbossman 11-17-12 12:49 AM

Just finished a three-fer:

Marlene Dietrich - At the Cafe De Paris
Delbert McClinton - Second Wind
Albert King - King, Does the King's Things....... A master blues-man covering Elvis standards. Very nice.

bigbossman 11-17-12 11:49 AM

Over a cup of coffee this morning.....

Roy Buchanan - Loading Zone

erig007 11-18-12 01:32 PM

Fink - Perfect Darkness (2011)

bigbossman 11-20-12 12:58 PM

Just finished spinning:

Rolling Stones - Get Yer YaYa's Out

lotek 11-20-12 01:56 PM

Cream Wheels of Fire
Ry Cooder Bop till you Drop
Fleetwood Mac Penquin and self titled 1975 LP
Ralph McTell Streets

in no particular order, those are what's been spinning

doomtroll 11-20-12 01:57 PM

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bigbossman 11-22-12 02:46 PM

Long John Baldry - It Ain't Easy

curbtender 11-22-12 03:33 PM


Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 14975025)
Long John Baldy - It Ain't Easy

Thought you might be playing Turkey in the Straw.

lotek 11-26-12 10:49 AM

you mean Long John Baldry?

I've been listening to Between the Buttons and Aftermath by the Stones.

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