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erig007 02-19-13 03:50 PM

beautiful classical music
Looking for beautiful classical music like hans zimmer, max richter or ralpha vaughan williams do, any suggestions?

agent pombero 03-06-13 09:17 AM

John Williams, jerry Goldsmith, 藤澤 守/joe hisaishi

delcrossv 10-25-13 03:32 PM

Anton Bruckner, Benjamin Britten

the sci guy 10-25-13 08:21 PM

i've got classical music coming out the rear from collections i've DLed.
are you looking for composer's names? specific songs? albums to buy? things to DL? you need to be a little more specific.

you can start with this

Nada noor 08-21-14 01:21 AM

Max Bruch's: Schottische Fantasie,Op.46 Alexander Borodin's: In the steps of central Asia Tchaikovsky's:Violin Concerto in D,Op.35 Samuel Barbers:Adagio for Strings Peter Warkock's:Capriol Suite

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