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AlTheKiller 11-14-13 02:29 PM

Classic/historical books on cycling?
doing some searching it seems 45 out of 50 books recommended on cycling somehow revolve around the tdf, or racing in general.

my interest is more on cycling history not related to the "sport" but everything else. whether it is early builders, explorers, tourers, etc... I'm not against a good biographical account of an early racer, it just seems the market is flooded with those and I'm more interested in a good story...

just picked up "In The City Of Bikes - the story of the Amsterdam cyclist" as told by an American. first few pages seem overly whimsical when describing the witnessing of their cycle culture, but it has promise.

any stand out recommendations?

gypsydawg 11-17-13 09:18 PM

I don't recall any good books out there written about em bicycles...well all I can't think of is Lance Armstrong's book which I have never read ever. But you can give this one a try...I just skimmed read this one of the tips(No. 7 of top 10 tips on surviving a zombie apocalypse :p). Max Brooks's "Zombie Survival Guide"...
to insinuate further he claimed in this book that "In a class by itself, this vehicle offers the best of both worlds. The common bicycle is fast, quiet, muscle-powered, and easy to maintain. Add to this the additional advantage that it is the only vehicle you can pick up and carry if the terrain gets rough. People using bicycles to escape from infested areas have almost always fared better than those on foot. For optimum performance, use a mountain bike, as opposed to the racing or recreational model.".... :thumb:

gypsydawg 11-17-13 10:07 PM

You might want to check this one out... hope this will help you out.:)

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